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  • rolling of sheets of various quality with a thickness of 8–650 mm in agreed-upon terms
  • cutting of materials to required dimensions based on demand or drawings
  • shape burnouts – flame, plasma or laser cutting of sheets based on drawing documentation (in cooperation)
  • transportation of goods in required terms – car transport
  • storage of materials in our warehouse
  • metallurgical certificates and attestations
  • non-destructive ultrasonic tests and other tests as required by customer
  • elaborating price quotation, draft purchase agreement

Steelcom a.s. Services



CZECH TOP 100 Rating

STEELCOM CZ, a.s. has received the Czech Stability Award as part of the CZECH TOP 100 Rating and has joined the ranks of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.


Dear business friends

We would like to inform you that STEELCOM CZ has became the owner of most of the shares (70%) comprising OCELSERVIS CZ s.r.o.

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