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Quality Policy

The aim of the company´s management is to meet our customers´ requirements and satisfy them as much as
possible, to expand the offered assortment and thus to achieve business success while raising the internationally
acknowledged quality of services with the trademark of STEELCOM CZ, a.s.

Therefore the company´s management declares the following Quality Policy:

Employee management

Creating a suitable working environment, ensuring the work safety, getting acquainted with results, company´s goals and creating a necessary creative working environment to minimize labour turnover is fulfilled in order to successfully realize the strategic goals of the STEELCOM CZ, a.s. management. The quality management according to ISO 9001 standards is implemented at all management levels by including and fully utilizing capabilities of all employees.

Customer orientation

The strategic goal of the company STEELCOM CZ,a.s. is to create the environment and conditions for a long-term cooperation. This means not only maintaining the existing but also winning new customers and satisfying their needs and expectations. This goal is fulfilled by monitoring the customers´ satisfaction and reaching its maximum level.

Process-oriented quality management

The management considers the quality management a continuously improving part of the overall management, effectively supporting the achievement of strategic goals of the company STEELCOM CZ, a.s. By emphasizing the selection, monitoring and evaluation of suppliers with respect to the ability to meet the requirements for supplied material and services, mutually profitable relationships among suppliers and the marketing-oriented process control are maintained.

Continuous improvement of process quality

The most effective tool to increase the effectiveness and performance of the company STEELCOM CZ, a.s. is the preference of prevention. The goal of the company STEELCOM CZ, a.s. is to continuously improve processes with help of preventive measures, implementation of effective feedback, usage of objective information, timely cause analysis of both existing as well as potential undesirable conditions, implementation of quality management tools and employees´ teamwork.

Quality management system

In order to fulfil this quality policy, the quality management system of the company STEELCOM CZ, a.s. is implemented and developed with focus on efficient and effective fulfillment of all quality parameters of products in all stages of the business case realization, including the fulfillment of legislative requirements of the market, safety, environment protection and product reliability requirements, requirements for meeting the agreed delivery dates thereof and after-sale provision. The implemented system ensures, among others, the regulation of adverse impact of production processes and products on the environment and work safety management. The documented and functional quality management of the company STEELCOM CZ, a.s. can be permanently proven to all company´s customers, eventually to other external organizations.



CZECH TOP 100 Rating

STEELCOM CZ, a.s. has received the Czech Stability Award as part of the CZECH TOP 100 Rating and has joined the ranks of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.


Dear business friends

We would like to inform you that STEELCOM CZ has became the owner of most of the shares (70%) comprising OCELSERVIS CZ s.r.o.

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