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Structural steel sheets according to EN 10025 -2

The most frequently used structural steel with minimum yield strength of min. 235 MPa and guaranteed weldability, to be used in non-demanding steel structures of bridges, halls, or for parts of rail and motor vehicles.


  • S235JR(C)
  • S355JR(C)
  • S275JR(C)
  • S355K2(C)
  • S235J0(C)
  • S355J0(C)
  • S275J0(C)
  • S235J2(C)
  • S355J2(C)
  • S275J2(C)

Parts of steel for pressure containers according to EN 10028-2

Plain and alloy steel sheets for pressure loaded containers and equipment, operating at both normal and high temperatures. These sheets are usually delivered normalized or normalized and tempered.


  • P235GH
  • P265GH
  • P295GH
  • P355GH
  • 16Mo3
  • 13CrMo4-5
  • 10CrMo9-10

Parts of steel for pressure containers according to EN 10028-3

These steel types have guaranteed fine-grained structure and low carbon equivalent.


  • P355N
  • P355NH
  • P355NL1
  • P355NL2
  • P275NH
  • P275NL1
  • P275NL2
  • P460NH
  • P460NL1
  • P460NL2

Structural steel sheets for refining according to EN 10083-1+A1 and EN 10083-2+A1

Used for machine parts in all areas of machine manufacturing. They are difficult to weld in most cases.


  • C22E
  • C35/C35E
  • C40/C40E
  • C45/C45E
  • C50E
  • C 55/C55E
  • C60/C60E
  • 28Mn6
  • 25CrMo4
  • 34CrMo4
  • 42CrMo4


Hot processed rolled thick steel as semi-finished materials for further mechanical processing for the manufacturing of machine parts as flame-cut shapes.

  • Flame cutting according to supplied technical documentation (DXF, DWG, drawings)
  • Qualities according to EN 10025, EN 10028
  • Standard for flame cutting EN ISO 9013
  • Dimensions: thickness: 5-200 mm width: up to 3 100 mm
    length: up to 14 000 mm
  • Surface scaled according to EN 10163 or blasted
  • Attestation according to EN 10204
  • Ultrasonic testing according to EN 10160, SEL 072/77

We also offer materials according to standards not mentioned here – in such a case, please consult your requirements with the business department.



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