About Company

STEELCOM CZ a.s.The STEELCOM CZ a.s. company’s area of business includes the purchase and sale of metallurgical materials – hot rolled steel sheets.
Our major products include metal sheets for steel structures, bridge structures, sheets for pressure containers used for both standard and high temperatures, boiler sheets, and sheets for pipe welding. The sheets are supplied in strict compliance with Czech and foreign standards. We also offer our customers ultrasonic testing, flame cutting of sheets to required dimensions; we cooperate with an experienced flame cutting company. If you need a specific or unconventional shape (material cutting), we will make it for you.

Our materials are adapted to customers’ specifications; our customers do not have to adapt their requirements to us.

The company has its own warehouse in Ostrava-Vítkovice with a surface area of 4 500 m2; the storage capacity is 10 kt.

Our company develops, takes notice of the situation in the market, responds to its customers’ needs, and offers active cooperation with existing or potential business partners.



CZECH TOP 100 Rating

STEELCOM CZ, a.s. has received the Czech Stability Award as part of the CZECH TOP 100 Rating and has joined the ranks of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.


Dear business friends

We would like to inform you that STEELCOM CZ has became the owner of most of the shares (70%) comprising OCELSERVIS CZ s.r.o.

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